2 surfaces   matt/polish

5 colors       white/neutral/light grey/grey/charcoal

3 formats    600x1200mm/600x600mm/300x600mm

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Soho tiles redefine your space with urban flair. Inspired by the vibrant Soho district, this collection seamlessly blends modern aesthetics and timeless design. The matte finish exudes sophistication, while the dynamic patterns reflect the eclectic energy of city life. Soho tiles, versatile and chic, effortlessly enhance interiors with a touch of metropolitan style. The color palette, inspired by the cityscape, provides options for diverse design schemes. Whether adorning kitchens, bathrooms, or living spaces, Soho transforms your environment into a curated masterpiece. Elevate your d??cor with Soho, where each tile reflects the essence of cosmopolitan living??bold, dynamic, and unmistakably stylish.


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