Super White Tile

Super White, the most classical and popular polished porcelain tile. Simple tile create a comfortable living area. It has high whiteness, Mirror finish. It’s made by technology of Double Loading with no glazed, a Pure White from the raw material, returning the natural and real whiteness. It’s rectified and Vitrified Tile for wall and floor.

Super White stands as the epitome of classical elegance, reigning as the most popular polished porcelain tile. This simple tile transforms your living area into a haven of comfort. With its high whiteness and mirror finish, Super White emanates a pure brilliance achieved through the innovative Double Loading technology. This process forgoes glazing, allowing the raw materials to shine through and restore the natural and authentic whiteness.

Crafted meticulously, Super White is a rectified and vitrified tile suitable for both walls and floors. This versatility enables a seamless and cohesive design for your entire living space. The rectification process ensures precise and uniform dimensions, while vitrification enhances durability, making it a lasting investment for your home.

Beyond being a mere tile, Super White represents a commitment to timeless beauty and functionality. Its classical allure and mirror-like sheen make it a luxurious addition to any interior. Bring the essence of pure white into your home, creating an ambiance that marries simplicity with opulence. Elevate your living space with Super White, a masterpiece that transcends trends and embodies enduring style. With every step, experience the underfoot luxury and visual purity that only Super White can provide, defining your space with unparalleled sophistication and charm. Choose Super White — where classical meets contemporary, simplicity meets opulence, and your living area becomes a canvas of enduring elegance.


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